Mission & Vision


To establish an institute that fills the industry-academia gap in J&K by offering a transformative experience to the students by fine-tuning their skills, language, and helping them discover their unique capabilities and developing their overall personalities — full of positivity and vigour. To prepare our next generation for the upcoming challenging times of Artificial Intelligence.


To set a benchmark for quality education in South Asia by providing top-notch infrastructure, the latest technologies, exceptional faculty, and give international exposure by collaborating with reputed institutions from all around the globe.


Matchless Quality – Appropriateness of education and soft skills enhancement to help students become multifaceted personalities.

Job Ready Students

Helping students gain practical knowledge by collaborating with industry giants and make students job ready.


International Exposure – Acquainting students with the international academic and corporate environment. Through collaborations with renowned Universities and educational institutions from all around the world, they will be given global exposure.

Unique Personalities

Building Unique Personalities – Help students discover their unique abilities and guide them accordingly. Special initiatives to improve linguistic, intellectual and critical thinking abilities. As Jack Ma rightly points out, human creativity, independent thinking, and teamwork can differentiate us from the machines.