About Founder

Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi, Founder

Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi, Founder

Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi is associated with the universities in the GCC region, helping improve quality and development in higher education. He has attended Harvard University, Boston to study International Marketing and International Business & Economy. He has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics & Consumer Behavior. Apart from his research degree from Cardiff University, UK, he has an M.B.A from IUP, Pennsylvania-United States of America.

He has previously worked in the American Corporate with big names like Comcast, Hilton Properties, GM, and Bank of America. Also, he has been a member of the ‘American Marketing Association. Apart from this, he writes for local and international papers on various issues- education, politics, business, theology, economics, Islamic banking & finance.

Having traveled across continents for his conferences and research, Dr. Makhdoomi has done extensive research in the education sector. With Uni4Kashmir,Dr. Makhdoomi has set out for an ambitious project of coming up with an international standard university in J&K.

Founder’s Message

When we are little, we usually want to change the world. However, when we grow up, we tend to realize our limitations as well as our capabilities. From my experience, I could fathom that one man can’t take up multiple causes; not at least simultaneously. Although there are numerous challenges that Kashmir faces, education is my domain and it is quite practical to enormously contribute to it. I could clearly visualize its success.

This is not to undermine the monumental challenges that we are up against, but if you are chasing your burning desire, you could sleep in forests and enjoy it. That is the magic of self-actualization. In fact, it excites me more when people describe the amount of hard work and dedication that is required to transform this dream into reality. This is because it’s not just the feeling of arriving at the destination that should drive us, but it is the hurdles and apparently insurmountable challenges that trigger the adrenaline rush. And when it’s the idea of the struggle that gets you going, there’s nothing else to stop you.

My team and I are committed to bringing an educational revolution to J&K. We have it all mapped out. We need the support of all of you to help us see this happen. It’s never easy to forsake your established international career and take up tasks that are too big to give you a sense of security. However, for some reason, personal goals do not allure me anymore. The only idea I find meaningful now is to be able to bring genuine joy to people. What can be more genuine and instrumental for the people other than education? Most of us make our ends meet. Is that what we call being successful and contributory to the world? I guess not.

This is an opportunity for all of us to live for others and not just for ourselves ; this is for our posterity. We owe it to them. If these words have resonated with you, join me to establish an international standard university in Kashmir. This will benefit us all while alive, and even when we are gone.

Thanks much!