Taking forward the initiative to establish an international university in Kashmir, an American public university situated in Indiana, Pennsylvania (IUP)has signed a Letter of Intent with Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi’s educational trust(YSMMET).

As per a hand-out, the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Dean of itsEberly College of Business and Technology, Dr. Robert C. Camp and Dr. Makhdoomimet in the former’s office in Indiana, near Pittsburgh to sign the document.

Dean’s Associate Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj was also present at the time of signing the document.

The Letter of Intent has been signed on three subjects which include student-exchange, wherein students from both sides can attend the other campus,faculty exchange programme in which the short-term faculty exchange and the possibility of the certification courses have been mentioned and online lectures wherein the faculty from this university (IUP) will be made available for the students in Kashmir through zoom and other video conferencing technologies.

As per the document, if the two parties are successful in establishing synergies in the above areas, comprehensive levels of partnership between the two organizations could be explored.

Pertinently, Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi has recently announced his intent to establish a publicly funded university in J&K. His website ysmmet.org has already appealed for crowdfunding.

His advisory board comprises of many noted academicians and industrialists- local as well as from the overseas.